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We study. Top tier lawyers don't grow on trees

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We train. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

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We fight. Any case is won on its merit, regardless the size

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Mecenate’s aim is to grant access to justice for those damaged, defrauded, unjustly affected by a compensable event, and any other case unsuitable for legal clinics, street lawyers (or whoever able to anticipate out-of-pocket expenses and waive the expense fund) or legal angels, litigation venture funds (or any investor who finances the dispute in exchange for an economic return).

Trouble Solvers and Deal Makers 
In Mecenate parties and opposing counsels can occupy the same point in space and time and it is where those seeking justice find worthy lawyers and motivated investors.



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Fighting for a just cause is not always a winning argument

The hardest part is identifying reasonable subjects, worthy cases and fair remuneration to litigation professionals.


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