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Modern Firm specialized in reverting rocket lawyers to top tiers winners

Mecenate employs an experienced team with many years of technical experience in the field of claim management and a large network of law firms, experts and investigative partners. This virtual firm, made up of a dense network of expert lawyers, specializing in legal disputes, uses standard certified IT processes that are agile, digital and secure and ensures total confidentiality and confidentiality.
The brand name, “Mecenate”, highlights the effort, including financial, to support, cultivate, and elevate the best professionals in the field of justice, from the traditional civil proceduralist to the most innovative digital forensic expert. The motto “Ignorantia Juris Neminem Excusat” is the strong point, but also the break even point, with the legal tradition. "Mecenate" is the meeting place between the applicants (who have suffered a loss) and the best professionals of justice, fighting to the bitter end, so that a position of merit prevails, provided that full knowledge of the truth of the facts and the perfect application of current law. In this way, balance and reconciliation of the legal interests at stake are achieved, represented by the Lybra, the symbol of justice.